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About Total Traffic Network

Clear Channel Radio is the first broadcaster to launch a ground-breaking programming and technology service delivering real-time traffic data directly to vehicles, using its own network of reporters, traffic cameras, aircraft, broadcast towers, and strategic partners to verify and produce traffic information – Total Traffic Network.

Total Traffic Network serves more than 100 metropolitan markets in four countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand.

Total Traffic Network delivers real-time traffic data via in-car and portable navigation systems, broadcast media, wireless, and Internet-based services using a key journalistic approach to verify data sources. Through its network of publically available and privately held assets, Total Traffic Network provides incident, event, construction, congestion, and impact information for customers, and is the leading company in North America providing a traffic subscription service to consumers.

Total Traffic Network data is tested for accuracy against a scientific ground-truth testing methodology called QFCD. Total Traffic Network drives almost 200,000 miles per year in North America to benchmark, validate, test, and improve the information it provides to customers.

Additionally, Total Traffic Network partners with key companies to bring additional data and services to market: