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Technology and Distribution Partners
Total Traffic Network provides many data formats and is capable of delivering traffic information over multiple distribution transports, including over-the-air broadcast, RDS-TMC (Radio Data System – Traffic Messaging Channel), HD Radio, Satellite, and Internet-connected distribution systems. RDS-TMC, and HD Radio distribution technology utilize FM side-band and digital technology. The distribution network is owned by Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc.

In addition to providing over-the-air traffic reports on Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc. stations, many additional broadcast companies including: Citadel, Univision, Salem, Lincoln-Financial, and others have come to rely on the Total Traffic Network traffic information for their listeners.

For additional information on Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc.,
please visit: www.clearchannel.com

For additional information on HD Radio, please visit: www.hdradio.com

Internet-connected services provided by Total Traffic Network include traffic email alerts, route planning, and SMS mobile traffic messaging to customers.

HipCricket is a key partner in providing these technology services utilizing the traffic data supplied by Total Traffic Network. For more information web and phone messaging traffic information provided by Total Traffic Network,
please visit: www.hipcricket.com

In addition to providing web-based text and mapped traffic information to Clear Channel Radio properties, information is also supplied to Fox Interactive Media, Weather Central, and others using a web-based distribution solution.

For more information on Fox Interactive Media on-line traffic supplied by Total Traffic Network, please visit: www.myfox.com

For the internet and television traffic solutions provided by Weather Central using Total Traffic Network data, please visit: www.wxc.com